Signs of a Herniated Disc

Severe back pain is a symptom of many ailments, but depending on the portion of your spine that is in pain, disc herniation might be the cause. Here are the three main sections of your spine and what you should know about the symptoms so that you can get adequate treatment.

1. The Cervical Spine

This is the topmost part of your spine — the first seven vertebrae, just under your neck. The pain here may extend to the whole part of your upper back. Look out for signs of extreme pain in the shoulders or even lower arms and hands. If you suspect a disc hernia, it may be occurring in the spine’s cervical segment.

2. The Thoracic Portion

The next portion of your spine, just below the cervical area, is the thoracic. The next twelve vertebrae are housed here. Pay attention to extreme pain in the middle portion of your back. Whether sharp or numb pains in your back, they should be looked at by a doctor.

3. The Lumbar Spine

The next five vertebrae following the thoracic constitute the lumbar part of your spine. This is the most common area where people develop a herniated disc. Lower back pains are the first and most common symptom that you may have a hernia here.

Other Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

Other symptoms may be pains in the legs, as a herniated disc could cause nerve root impingements. The pain could cause you to feel weak in your legs. Further symptoms include feeling a numb sensation in your feet and toes.

Another symptom of herniated discs that not many people think about is bladder problems, such as the inability to control the need to urinate.

If left too long without treatment, a herniated disc could be debilitating. If you have a family history of back pains, or suspect a slipped disc, get it checked right away.

Alabama Orthopedics Can Help You

Alabama Orthopedics has extensive experience in treating patients with herniated discs and other ailments. If you experience any of the above symptoms, it is wise to call your physician immediately to avoid further complications. You can also eliminate more painful sensations by getting treatment right away.


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