Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Reverse total shoulder replacement can help relieve your pain if you have a long-term shoulder injury or arthritis in your shoulder. In this type of surgery, a surgeon removes your damaged upper arm and shoulder bones and replaces them with artificial components that allow your shoulder to function normally. The placement of the artificial ball and socket parts of the joint is different in a reverse total shoulder replacement compared to a traditional shoulder replacement.

Is Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement Right for You?

Reverse total shoulder replacement is usually recommended for people with a particular type of arthritis known as cuff tear arthropathy. This type of arthritis results from rotator cuff tears that haven’t healed correctly. If you have this condition, a reverse total shoulder replacement may be a better option for you than a conventional shoulder replacement. A reverse total shoulder replacement takes the strain off your rotator cuff and instead uses your deltoid muscle to power the shoulder.

If you have had a conventional shoulder replacement in the past that has failed to relieve your symptoms, this type of surgery might be appropriate for you. It’s also an option if you have persistent shoulder pain and difficulty lifting your arm over your head, and you’ve tried other treatments that haven’t worked.

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement Recovery Time

Recovery from reverse total shoulder replacement surgery takes at least a few weeks. During the first six weeks after surgery, you’ll need to rest your shoulder, which means avoiding putting your arm behind your body or lifting heavy objects. However, you should be able to return home soon after having surgery, with medications to prevent pain.

Outcomes of Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Many people have very positive outcomes from reverse total shoulder replacement surgery. After the initial recovery period, you should begin to regain mobility in your shoulder. Most patients are very satisfied with their reverse total shoulder replacement, as the procedure can reduce pain over the long term.

To find out more about reverse total shoulder replacement, contact Alabama Orthopaedic Surgeons. One of our doctors can assess your shoulder condition and let you know whether reverse total shoulder replacement is the right option for you.

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