Our secure patient portal gives you online tools to communicate with our physicians and staff...

Don't Have an Account Yet?

Contact our office to set up an account.

If you are an existing patient and would like to access the Patient Portal, call our office and provide your email address to the receptionist.

You will then receive an email with your user name and a temporary password.

Update Personal Information

Existing patients may log in to the Patient Portal to view and update:

  • Personal information
  • Insurance and guarantor information
  • Select a primary pharmacy
  • Designate primary and emergency contact(s)
  • Give permission for release of medical records

Appointment Scheduling

In non-urgent situations, the Patient Portal also allows you to request an appointment. You can select

  • Preferred provider
  • Preferred date range and time spans
  • Reason(s) for the appointment

Request a Refill

Request a refill of your existing prescription online without needing to call the office.

Ask a Nurse

Submitting a question to our nursing staff online and receiving a response can eliminate unnecessary office visits and catch serious conditions early.

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