What to Look for in a Knee Surgeon

Knee injuries range from sudden trauma like a broken bone or torn ligament to chronic issues resulting from arthritis or other long-term conditions. No matter the reason for your pain, finding the right doctor to correct the issue is instrumental to your recovery. If your doctor determines that surgery is appropriate, the next step is finding a qualified surgeon. Here are some tips on what to look for (and avoid).

How to Choose a Knee Surgeon

Choosing a good knee surgeon is vital for a positive outcome. A good knee surgeon is specialized and has a pleasant bedside manner. When you’re evaluating a surgeon, be sure to consider:

  • The level of experience. A good surgeon is fellowship-trained and may have conducted hundreds or thousands of surgeries. It’s okay to ask for credentials and so some research.
  • How well the doctor listens to your concerns. A good knee surgeon takes the time to evaluate your chart in detail and consider your history, overall health, and specific needs.
  • The type of technology used. A great knee surgeon is on top of the latest methods for achieving positive surgical outcomes. Ask why the surgeon uses a preferred method and if there are more advanced options available.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

Some surgeons may not be right for your needs – or they may not be familiar with best practices. If you notice any of these signs while you’re meeting with a knee surgeon, consider getting a second opinion:

  • The doctor does a lot of revision surgeries. Ask potential surgeons how often they have to do revision surgeries. A high frequency indicates they often get it wrong the first time around.
  • The surgeon is not receptive to new methods. If your doctor insists on doing something the same way every time without additional reasoning, you may end up missing out on a better treatment plan.
  • The doctor’s experience with cases like yours. A doctor without experience in treating your condition isn’t necessarily a bad knee surgeon but may be a bad fit for your case.

Finding a good knee surgeon can lead to a faster recovery and ideal long-term results. When in doubt, ask lots of questions and make sure your doctor is experienced in delivering positive outcomes.

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