5 Reasons Why You Should Visit An Orthopedic Surgeon

With over 300 bones in your body, it’s important to treat them right and keep them healthy. When even just one bone or joint is not working properly, you could suffer immense discomfort. An orthopedic surgeon’s job is to diagnose treat and care for your bones. Here are five reasons to have one on call.

1. If you experience daily discomfort

Simple tasks such as walking to the corner store or climbing the stairs can become painful as you get older. This could be due to age and not a disease. Still, put your mind at ease by visiting an orthopedic surgeon to get a diagnosis if your pain is preventing you from keeping up with your daily routine.

2. You suffer pain longer than 12 weeks

Any pain that lingers this long is classified as chronic pain. It could be only the surface pain, hiding a deeper problem for which you do need to see a surgeon for professional help and care.

3. You suddenly have a limited range of motion

One of the earlier symptoms of arthritis is a tight feeling in your joints. The sensation gets tighter as the days pass. A professional orthopedic surgeon is capable of giving you a proper diagnosis, monitoring your diet and exercise, and helping you prevent further pain. He or she can also recommend professional physical therapists to work with you regularly.

4. You feel dizzy or unstable when standing

Standing up is a basic necessity. But those suffering joint problems may have a hard time with stability for doing even this. A surgeon who knows the ins and outs of your body’s bone structure can help to correct the problem and find a good solution.

5. You have recently experienced soft tissue injury

If it has been two days since your injury, but the swelling has not subsided, this is a reason to call a surgeon. It’s possible that during the injury, which could be as simple as a small trip or fall, that a part of your bone has chipped and needs professional care. Call and schedule an appointment as soon as you can.

Do any of the above points sound familiar? OrthoSports Associates can help with all five problems. Call us today to schedule a visit or online consultation.

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